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Found 3 results

  1. I've ordered a Bolex REX 3 and I am so excited! I've also gotten a Sekonic L398, so I've really got the cliche film student package, haha. Honestly, the simplicity/limitations of the tools is what I find inspiring and fun. A few things I'm still trying to grasp: - Shutter angle: When to adjust and how, for effect or utility - Aperture: How to compensate for the viewfinder? - In what situations is it practical to push or pull the film more than an aesthetic choice? - common pitfalls to avoid? - best places to buy film stock? - Is using a digital camera for reference an effective way to prevent light flicker? this is one i really want to avoid lol Thanks to anyone who answers, any info is really appreciated. I am new to the forums and this site is a wonderful resource
  2. As an antidote the the very techy world of aerial photography, I feel it would help me as a film maker to try my hand at Super 8. Because basic cameras are so cheap I thought I would just grab one or two and give it a try. I have three questions I'm hoping for some help on, either directly or pointing me to the appropriate article. 1. Book - I've been through both the long and edited book list here and still cant find anything suitable. Either because the reviews suggest it might be a bit too "full on" for me at the moment or too expensive or both. Does anyone know of a basic publication for people just starting out with Super 8? 2. Cameras - I have a short list of cameras which sell on ebay for less than £100 and I'd be interested in peoples views on them; particularly on ease of use and availability of higher asa film cartridges..... I'm in the UK and as everyone knows the sun only shines about 3 days in the year and never on weekends ;-) .... so low light film is important. Canon 814 Electronic - Based on what research I've done this appears to be the one to get. I cant find any decent ones on ebay in Europe at the moment but will keep an eye out. In the mean time, I am also looks at these; Agfa Movexoom 6 - This looks like a nice basic, robust camera but I'm a bit worried about the max film speed (160?) Eumig 881 - I've read some good things about the versatility of this camera. Might it be too difficult for a beginner? ...... any other suggestions? 3. Film Cartridges - I've read up on both negative and reversal film. Initially I want my film to be converted into digital but if I stick with it I would eventually like to get a projector. Negative film looks the better option for me but what are the options on having it reprinted for a projector at some point? Also what is the minimum asa you need for overcast days? Is it even possible to shoot night scenes (as its coming up to christmas)? Any other comments suggestions would also be appreciated. THANKS
  3. Hey guys! I'm new here but glad I found this forum. My new to filmmaking in general but have always had a passion for film especially in the realm of horror. Just recently, I took a risk and just did my first short horror film. I recently completed a little 2 minute short for a contest with Chiller TV. I didn't win...but I got out of my comfort zone and took a risk. I LOVED IT, though I told myself I should just give up and quit. I realized after feedback from multiple people, my story for this short was very weak. Hard to follow. Putting myself out there with all my mistakes but wanted to share it with you guys and get your thoughts in it. This was shot with a Canon 1100d and edited with Final Cut Pro: https://vimeo.com/95459742 -Brandon
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