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  1. I love this DS8 camera and especially its subtle but contrasty Jupiter lens. So, it was extremely disappointing to find the 5 Fomapan R100 films I shot during a 3 week road trip around regional NSW and Victoria came out completely overexposed except a few hopeful scenes shot indoors. Upon close examination it turned out that the aperture was permanently open atf1.9 and the aperture adjusting tab had no effect. One of the things I love about these Soviet cameras is that once opened up (simple) the mechanisms are straightforward and, in this case, designed to be fixed! Step 1. Unscrew the selenium cell's retaining ring and remove 2 screws holding the cover plate. No need to remove the ASA selector knob. Step 2. Remove the 4 deep set screws holding the metal front cover. This lifts clear away with no wires, etc. Step 3. Notice that the cog supposed to engage with the teeth on the lens that adjusts the diaphragm has drifted out of contact. Step 4. Loosen the two screws that retain the cog base plate - this allows the cog to swing in and out. Step 5. Set the f stop adjuster to fully open (f1.9) and manually move the "toothed ring" on the lens barrel to fully open the diaphragm. Step 6. Swing the cog in to engage with the teeth on the lens barrel. Step 7. Tighten the two screws securing the cog base plate. Step 8. Re-assemple. What a joy. By the way, I found what appears to be an exhaustive service manual for Soviet movie cameras here http://www.sovietcamera.su/src/Remont_kinokamer.pdf.
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