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Found 5 results

  1. Hey folks, Some bad news for me this week, following a nasty bicycle crash my left thumb is broken in 3 places and so I'm going to be out of commission as a DP until January... fortunately it doesn't affect my color grading work, so I'm starting to fill my schedule with more hours at the DaVinci on film, agency and corporate work. But that means good news for others - I've decided to put my complete Sony F5/AXS-R5, FS7/Odyssey 7Q+ and A7Sii camera packages, and Leica and RED lens packages up on ShareGrid as I hate to see them sitting idle, along with our audio package, support packages, lighting and a bunch of other stuff that will just be sitting in the storeroom gathering dust. The prices are very good considering what comes in each package and ShareGrid is simple to use with really nice insurance deals for short term rentals. You can see all of the individual deals at https://sfbay.sharegrid.com/en/people/chrislayhe, and do shout if you would like to see any different recipes up there for the next three months! Chris Chris Layhe CLAi 980 30th Avenue Santa Cruz California 95062 831.419.7590 Chris@CLAi.tv
  2. Hey guys, These past 6 months have been pretty good to me in terms of work and I'm starting to think about ways I can reinvest some of the income I've made back into equipment in order to a) make myself more marketable as a dp and camera assistant, b ) make it easier for me to do my job well and c) turn a profit by taking small rental fees here and there on gear I bring to each production, etc. My question is, what does everybody consider to be the best options for investment items that don't lose value as quickly, yet are often in demand on set. As a camera assistant, my first inclination is to invest in a great monitor like a smallHD dp7 knowing that I might be able to ask for an extra $50 or 60/day on top of my normal day rate and that it would also help me do my job easier, while being a great monitor for jobs I take as a dp. The next item I thought about was getting a Dana Dolly as they're only around $800 and they go for ~100/day on productions. That's a pretty good rental rate and for lower budget sets, they're very useful. So does anybody have gear suggestions for someone starting out investing in equipment who would like to purchase quality items that would be useful to oneself, yet also make some money on the side that wouldn't depreciate quite as fast as say a camera body? Obviously, lenses are what many will say, but aside from cheapies, they're a bit out of my price range at the moment.
  3. Hello all, Long time reader, first-time poster. I'm gearing up to shoot a student short during the first two weeks of June and we have been looking high and low for a set of anamorphic lenses to shoot with. I was wondering if anyone here has any leads on anamorphic lens owners in the New York City area? I am already aware of the various rental houses that have lenses, but we're also trying to reach out to some private owners/DP's who might have anamorphic sets and would be willing to rent them out. Looking for something a little more vintage, along the lines of: Lomos, Kowas, Cooke Xtal, or anything of the sort. Appreciate any and all recommendations! Thanks.
  4. Hi Everyone, I am curious, for those of you who have invested in your own equipment, would you be interested in becoming a member of an online community where you can rent it out to other people through a web-based service. The website would include the facilitation of insurance on your item, and membership accountability and vetting. An example, but in another industry, is the website www.fun2rent.com. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you, Chelsey
  5. Cinelease, Inc., the entertainment industry leader in equipment for hire and service, is seeking qualified individuals to join their UK team. To view available positions visit: http://www.everythinginlight.com/careers/
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