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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, I recently shot with my first rear projection screen, and not until we were shooting did I notice a feeling of “lag” or “drag” in what was being projected. Talent was directly up against the screen, with top down footage of ocean waves going by. I felt a very, very subtle stutter in the footage that was not perceivable by eye. Unfortunately this was an incredibly rushed setup so did not have time to ask for specs/adjustments. Could anyone advise as to what may cause this, and what solutions may exist?
  2. Hey there! Would anyone know how well street lights work on camera? Concerned about flickering on camera. Maybe it differs, but is there a commonly known Hz? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks! -Sean
  3. Hi there, I'm shooting a music video in Australia soon and plan on some 48fps slow mo shots. I usually shoot 172.8 shutter at 24p because it's 50hz here. But disregarding lighting fixtures for now: Would it make sense to keep the 172.8 shutter angle at 48 fps or is a 180 shutter angle going to be a more natural/smoother look? Maybe a better question: Is there a significant difference in motion between these two shutter angles at 48fps, or is it almost imperceivable like it is at 24 fps? Any help appreciated!
  4. Does anyone have experience shooting slo-mo that the editor will then speed up to real time in post? What shutter angle makes the most sense for best results of motion blur on both ends? Most likely shooting at 60 fps. Thanks.
  5. Hi, I recently had an opportunity to shoot on film for the first time in my life (crazy, I know) and a question came up which left me thinking.. Apologies as it's probably a very noob question: When I shoot slow/fast motion on digital, I change the shutter speed to maintain the same motion blur as for the 'normal' speed, i.e. shooting on 25p, 1/50 'normally' and then do 50p for instance, I shoot at 1/100 to have the same amount motion blur. Assuming you want the same motion blur, how would you do this shooting on film? I am right in understanding that 180 degree shutter angle will remain 180 regardless of what frame rate you shoot? I.e. shooting 25fps and 50fps means that the shutter turns twice as fast to maintain 180 degree shutter angle? I hadn't noticed but was told that Red has an option for shutter to have either a shutter speed (1/xxxx) or angle (degrees), does this mean if you want to shoot everything at 180 degrees, you don't have to keep changing the angle for different fps? But surely, even if you can capture everything at 180 degrees, in playback, there will be variations of motion blur as the angle was relative to the fps? I.e. 25fps has 180 degrees and 50p has 180 degrees, but compared to each other, they don't match? I would've automatically calculated the difference between the degrees when under/overcranking and changed the shutter accordingly, but I was told by two working AC's that this is incorrect... If anyone can shed any light or knows of any resource on this, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks, PJ
  6. I'll be using a strobe (flash) on an HD shoot. I've seen this in the past but it never seems to work well (strobe duration and shutter angle/shutter speed issues). Any ideas, tips or thoughts you can share with me?
  7. I'll be using a strobe (flash) on an HD shoot. I've seen this in the past but it never seems to work well (strobe duration and shutter angle/shutter speed issues). Any ideas, tips or thoughts you can share with me?
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