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Found 2 results

  1. Planning to shoot a project with a Nizo 6080. I was wondering if it was possible to somehow rig a bullet camera or something of the sort to use as a video assist. I've seen stuff on the internet from 10 years about about how to do this with Beaulieus, but nothing about Nizos or posted recently. Anyone have any experience with this, or know which bullet cam models or rigging methods might work with a Nizo viewfinder? Preferably without spending a ton of money or a lot of complex engineering to build it. Doesn't need to be fancy, just functional - I’m a student self-funding the project. Alternatively, would buying one of those old Zigview monitors work? How would I set that up to my circular viewfinder? All their models seem to have been made for rectangular SLR viewfinders and I can’t tell if any of the adapters might work. None one currently selling one on Ebay offers returns, so if i bought one I want to be absolutely sure I’m getting one that will fit my camera.
  2. Hi there! First of all, I hope my questions aren't too stupid, but I'm a complete newbie in the super 8 world and I've got plenty of doubts. :unsure: I've recently bought through ebay a Braun Nizo 561 macro (which is in full working order) for a nice price (at least is what I think, compared with the prices of other ones...), which included the ultrawide lens, a Skylight-filter and a close-up lens (which purpose I don't know). In addition, I got 1,35 V wein cells for the photometer and some 2004 expired Kodachrome 40 cartridges (I know it is not processed anymore, at least in colour, but it was almost free and I wanted something cheap for starting and testing the camera). Before that, I had already done some research, with the help of Google and this forum, about the ASA, the film, the process, how the camera works... and I also found the manual and read it. All that solved many problems I faced, but I'm still not sure about some. 1) The focal lenght. A very general and probably very stupid question: What it is exactly used for? When do I have to change it? 2) The ASA. Ok, I understand the theorical meaning, but I do not know how can I control it. For example, Kodachrome 40 is ASA 40 for tungsten light and ASA 25 for daylight. So, does the camera automatically find out the requiered ASA and do whatever is needed? Or do I need to change manually anything (e.g. the exposure, the filter...) in order to get fine images? 3) Filters. The manual states that super 8 film is balanced for tungsten, and for filming in dayligt you should only turn the filter switch to the "sun" symbol... I'm not sure if it is still true today for every type of film... I also got a skyligt filter (1A E49), and I'd like to know if it must be used when there is too much light or if it is enough with the built-in filter. Sorry for being so ignorant and quite chaotic, I hope anyone can help me! :rolleyes: Thanks in advance!
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