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Found 3 results

  1. 317mm Telepanchro - Excellent condition, Just PL'd lubed + optics cleaned + camera support added, very very nice....Price $7,495k PICS HERE I also have another 317mm that is Arri Standard mount for $6,495. Email if interested. PICS HERE This is my personal Telepanchro. Duclos did the report and Optitek cleaned optics + did the PL work. Feel free to reach out. I'm located in Los Angeles. Local pickup preferred! Email me if I need to ship. I'll think about shipping it, but depends on your location. FYI - I have two full panchros sets (ser II + ser III). One in excellent condition @ 24.5k PICS HERE and one in good condition for 21.9k PICS HERE. Sold three sets so far! Last two sets available. Thanks! Best, Alex asafdie@gmail.com
  2. Hi! I'm selling my personal panchros. I have the full 7 lens set. Paul Duclos left me a message saying the 7 lens set is one of the best sets he's seen. I have the lens report and it's great. If you are interested I can share the report with you. Colin at Duclos knows about the set and agrees they are great. This set is a perfect candidate for rehousing. I am also selling the 203mm telepanchro mint and I own two 317mm telepanchros both in great shape. I enhanced the photos in Lightroom so you can see the dust / minor imperfections. Photos of the full 7 lens set HERE - I'll be posting photos of the telepanchros soon. Thanks! 18mm Ser III - Mint, some dust 25mm Ser III - great condition, dust 32mm Ser II - great condition, aperture ring needs tightening 40mm Ser II - Excellent condition, dust 50mm Ser II - Good condition, need to be cleaned, but good to go 75mm Ser II - Excellent condition, some cleaning marks, no yellowing 100mm Ser II - Good condition, needs to be polished due to some cleaning marks, no yellowing All Arri Standard mounts ... Price 25k 203mm Telepanchro - Mint, little bit of dust ....Price 5k 317mm, light cleaning marks, no haze, some dust, arri standard mount....Price 6k....bump 5.5k 317mm, mint, light dust, no haze...Price 7k....bump 6.5k
  3. I have a personal set that took me a year to cherry pick and build. They haven't been rehoused but the set is all 700,000 serials. All the glass is in excellent+ to excellent- condition. I own the 18 III, 24 III, 32 II, 40 II, 50 II, 75 II, 100 II, 203 + 317 telepanchros. I'm thinking about selling the entire kit for 28k. Or would consider breaking up the telepanchros and from the panchros. Not exactly looking to sell them asap. I'm located in Los Angeles. Feel free to hit me up. Look below for some random panchros below for sale immediately. I have a couple Cooke Speed Panchro 18mm III's for sale. Take a look below and let me know if you have any questions! Thanks so much. I will be posting test footage with them soon. Cooke Speed Panchro 18mm III - 747441: Front element has scratches. Rear has some fungus. No yellowing. No haze. Aperture ring pretty good and blades have no oil. Focus ring a little loose. When shooting this lens has a lightly altered image. It creates a glow effect due to the fungus in the rear. Pics here. Priced to sell at $950 BUMP $900 BUMP $800. Cooke Speed Panchro 18mm III - 688301: Front element has some spots but no scratches. Rear is pretty clean. No yellowing. No haze. Aperture is smooth and blades have small amount of oil. Focus is smooth. Pics here. $1400 BUMP $1200 BUMP $1100 Cooke Speed Panchro 32mm II - 728719: Front element clean + free of scratches. Rear element has micro scratches + a crack. Tested it shooting and there is no effect in the image. $1500
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