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  1. Hey, Ebay auction: http://www.ebay.com/itm/332403614607?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 $500 off for cinematography.com so it's $2000. This set has everything needed to shoot and transfer the footage from the camera to your computer. I can assist the buyer with the setup afterwards if needed. Codex Onboard M Recorder Comes with wetdock for Sony F35, which can also be unmounted so you can use the recorder with other cameras like Arri Alexa, Canon C500 and other. Codex has all available licences. for DPX, Arriraw, Canon 4K Raw. It shoots full 12bit 444 DPX up to 30fps and 10bit 444 up to 50fps with my Sony F35. It also supports ramping, overcranking and variable framerates, which you can do only on a few recorders on the market. The recorder has a panel which attaches to either side magnetically, it's not needed for recording, so it can be unmounted. Desktop Transfer Station Also has all available licences. I will provide Codex UI OSX software, which works with latest osx Sierra so you can import your footage and convert it to DPX, Prores 422, Prores 4444, DNxHD, DNxHD444 on the fly. I'm also including Sonnet Echo Express SEL in the package, which holds the ATTO SAS card and connects to your Mac via thunderbolt. 7x 512GB mags Each mag can do around 40 minutes of uncompressed 12bit 444 DPX footage. You can also choose wavelet compression from 3:1 to 16:1 and shoot much much more on one mag. Extras Peli case for transfer station and Otto Nemenz box for recorder and all the cables (see the list below). Full list of items included: - Codex Onboard M Recorder with magnetic panel - Sony F35 wetdock with necessary cables attached to the dock (no other cables needed, recorder runs off camera power) - Desktop Transfer Station - ATTO SAS PCI-E card - Sonnet Echo Express SEL which holds the atto card - 7x 512GB Codex mags - Peli case - Innerspace box Cables: - SAS cable (from transfer station to echo express) - USB cable (from transfer station to computer) - Thunderbolt cable (from echo express to computer) - Power supply for Transfer Station - Power supply for Sonnet Echo Express - Power supply for Codex Recorder I haven't used these but they came with Codex so they're included: - 6pin male lemo to 6pin male lemo (RS422) - 5pin male lemo to 4pin male XLR - 5pin lemo codex power adapter - 5pin male lemo to 2pin male lemo (Alexa > Codex power) - 5pin male lemo to 3pin male lemo (FGG.1B) - 5pin male lemo to 3pin male lemo (FHG.1B) Don't hestitate to contact me if you have any questions.
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