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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everyone, on February I'm going to shoot a short film (5, 6 minutes long) and I have an scene in a car. The scene is short, least than 2 minutes, and have just a little of dialogue (a monologue in fact). The talent is an old lady. the scene is in the day, and the background has to be some kind of road or highway, but is not important to have a lot of cars, and anything happens with the road itself. Now, the tricky parts. First of all, is a short film practically without budget, so we can't have a car rig or a car trailer. Second, is important for the plot that the passenger seat is hide from the camera, so I already sketch some shots from behind and from the side (shooting in the passanger seat), and I think their going to work, but I'll glad to hear your thought an ideas about this. Third, the character is kinda clumsy, so is important that when she monologue, she take off the belt and forget to put it back, or maybe look the radio and no the road, or when she grab something from the passenger seat, that the car maybe shake for a moment before the woman take control of the wheel again. Is nothing from a Fast and the Furious movie, but I told you because I don't do it anything like that in a busy road with a lot of cars. About sound, I think that, like most of the shot we barely see the woman's mouth, we're going MOS and later do ADR of that scene, and fill all the car sounds with the sound engineering. And like the background is not that important, I think to get a place (like a farm) when the talent can drive in an internal road and there's not going to be cars around. That's were my thought about the scene, but looking for information, I find that you can take the "poor man's shot" an film the car stationary. Anyone can tell me your experience with this? I understand this is the best way for safety reason's, but I have the feel that if increase the cost of the short film (for all the work in post with a green screen) the director is going to veto the idea. What about the talent driving while acting? Is going to hurt her performance or you believe it doesn't matter? If you want to know, the scene has to be mundane but at the same time, is important that you (the audience) notice how careless or clumsy is the woman. Also, is the first scene of the short film, so to me is important that have quality because if you get distracted by some thing wrong, is going to damage the rest of the short film. Oh, and the last one. It should be a sunny day (for plot reasons) so what about the lighting? If I could, I'll shot in a cloudy day, but that's not possible. So, do you have some thoughts on the matter, or have any experience could help me? Let me know if you need to know more about the story or the production. I have some sketches from the location (the car) about camera position and some story boards, but I can't upload from here. If you want them, let me know. Thanks a lot, bye!
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