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Found 7 results

  1. I've heard that they have been used on ships and hard to reach places in little cave. They seem light on battery, but how are they used on the go?
  2. hello does anybody have any recommendations for affordable gels for the Dedolights DLH4 series of lights? Best wishes
  3. Hi, I'm fairly new to this forum so hopefully, I'm writing this query in the right place. For my dissertation, I completed a test using Dedolight DLH4's (The 3 head kit) and I used the dimmer switch to adjust the intensity of the light. I was wondering what the dots represent on the dimmer switch? I've attached an image below for reference. I was hoping to find a numerical value as so far my research has only found this indicating 'dimming from minimum to maximum'. Any information or guesses are greatly appreciated and hopefully, someone can shed some light on this!! Thank you.
  4. Hi all. I bought a truckload of lighting gear and am selling the surplus. Make me a (realistic) offer. NEW : Brand new, in boxes, FilmGear & Ianiro tungsten studio Fresnel and LED lamps with barn doors and bulbs. TUNGSTEN : 1 x 150w fresnel 1 x 300w fresnel 1 x 650w fresnel 1 x 2kw fresnel LED: 1 x PowerLED 240w, daylight balanced, with Filter Frame 1 x Ianiro Solaris LED fresnel 150w (1000w equivalent), daylight balanced, with barn door. USED : Set of Dedolights, tungsten Aspherics2 – 4 lamps x 100w. With DT12-4 ballast, cables, barn doors, filter frames and new OSRAM
  5. FOR SALE - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dedoflex-Octodome-5ft-DLH1000S-Tungsten-Soft-Light-Head-/301989158959?
  6. Hey y'all, doing a pretty simple lighting setup where the artist wants to emulate / make an homage to Fiona Apple's Criminal BTS where the director actually talks about the cinematography here: They wanted to emulate the red-eye flash look in video, which I understand is easy enough to do with a tiny source coming from the same direction as the lens as possible. Ringlight is too big and soft. You can see in the video reflections the single source, and I believe there's one moment where it's clearly reflected enough to see a bare edison bulb. This is easy enough to do w
  7. Hey guys, I'm planning out some fairly extensive additions to my lighting kit and I'd be keen to hear people's thoughts on the Dedolight 650w units if anyone's used them? I love, and I mean LOVE, the little 150w Dedos. They'll undoubtably be a part of my new kit. But I'm interested to hear how the 650w units compare to a more traditional 650w Fresnel, particularly in terms of spill control and light output (i.e. are the 650w units just the same as the 150w units with 4x the output?). I'm spending extra to build a lighting kit filled with fixtures that are as controllable as possible in orde
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