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Michael Morlan

Constructive crits of my reel please

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Hi all,


Been away awhile. I'm returning to edit my reel soon but never thought to submit the current one to this forum. Give me your thoughts please.




Technical Note: I'm not pleased with the saturation/contrast of the Quicktime conversion from the source imagery. As you will see in the still frames below the reel, they look much better. What might I do during the conversion to retain the look of the original footage?

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Hey Michael,


I like your reel a lot, and the editing works well. Nice transitions.


The very first shot feels too long to me. It's about 15 seconds, while the following shots are 5 seconds or shorter. The lighting sets the mood and I don't think we're provided with any additional information (from the actor) by having the clip run that long. Another clip, right near the end, the one where the man walks into the room with the christmas tree, feels just a tag long. His reaction is pretty clear and the pacing up to that scene has a pretty fast rhythm, so you might be able to trim that shot.


The only shot I personally wouldn't include is the one of the man lying on the floor and the guards looking down at the camera - but my reason is because I hate lens flare (I know that's an aesthetic personal bias, though).


Could the color issue be related to the color space in the application you're exporting from? Other than color shifts, it looked pretty clean.

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Thanks for the feedback MikeL. I tightened that opening sequence and ending sequence per your recommendation. I also added my new commercial reel to my site. Give me your thoughts.


The old page is no longer valid since I re-vamped the entire site today, so go here:







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Hi Michael,


Visited your website and overall you've used it brilliantly to demonstrate your work. As a director I was impressed by your knowledge and methodology, especially when it came to lighting and set ups. I agree the stills do look better, but they always will. I guess the only way to try improve the quality of the file is when exporting it to keep compression down and export it as a mp4, if thats still an issue.


As for the reel, it was good, but from the stills and other information on your site, I didnt think it made the most of how you use colour and light. There were some great shots involving colour and light which I think are your strengths (just my quick impression) but there were some shots, the one that stood out was that elevator scene film where the lighting was flatter than most of your other work.


But overall, I was really impressed and if I had a budget and lived in the US I'd be keen to get you in on my projects.

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