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Fast Arri service in the UK

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I have an Arri 16BL that needs to be serviced. I've shoot a lot of rolls with my camera in the last 5 years with amazing results.

However lately I noticed the camera needs to be serviced because two mags have little problems, the gate closure is weak and it needs a general check. Then two weeks ago during a shoot the camera fell down from the tripod. Apparently nothing has happened but before using it again I want to have it fully serviced.

Then the day before it fell down I had another problem concerning the electronic. My camera mounts a Tobin TXM-27 and I use a Tobin milliframe controller with it. The milliframe doesn't work anymore, TXM works only dialling the speed directly on its knob but when I connect the Milliframe to the camera it doesn't accept the speed set on the milliframe and it runs at about 10/15 fps...

I'm based in London and I'm looking for a good and fast service centre that possibly could manage the tobin problem as well together with the camera servicing because I need the camera ready to shoot in one month.

Does anyone have any suggestion about what to do?


Many thanks,



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I would take it straight to Arri and have them look at it.


I am sorry to hear of your problems. I think we can probably help you, if you can get your Arri 16BL to us we will be able to look at it and have some answers re servicing within 24-48 hours. We can definately help you with the camera. The Tobin milliframe may be slightly more problematic, it is almost certain that it will need to be returned to Tobin in the USA for servicing. However, we may be able to loan you a milliframe controller in the meantime so that you can continue shooting. Our contact details can be found in the signature below.

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