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michelle arakelian

professional cinematography workshop in Italy

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Eloquence of Cinematic Expression... Technique alone is of no value unless supported by an Idea.


Two weeks of Cinematography and Advanced Lighting Techniques in Film Studio in Florence, Italy.

Combination of Film and Digital Cinematography taught by award winner cinematographer

Janusz Sikora who teaches filmmaking at University of Southern California and Dreamworks Studios.

After successful Workshop last summer, Light Extreme and Movie and Sound are setting up for yet

another artistic endeavour in amazing Florence - Birthplace of Renaissance.

Janusz teaches his Dancing with Light technique which is comprehensive approach to Visual Expression

where cinematic eloquence is of primary concern. Workshop is designed for Directors and

Directors of Photography as it deals with eloquence of cinematic interpretation.

Students are encouraged to bring ideas as they will have chance to explore both artistic and technical

aspects of their interpretations within professional environment of Film Studio in Florence. Program is

an unique undertaking in that it covers both Technical and Artistic aspects of Cinematic Expression.

Although workshop is English language, Italian students are encouraged to apply

since there will be translators through out the program. Besides... "Art does not need translation"!

Beginners are encouraged to apply, as it is within Janusz' discretion to bring anyone "up to speed" .


Workshop costs 2950$

Deposit of 500$ is required by deadline date:


Aug 17 - Aug 29, 2009

Aug 2009 Workshop - Application/Deposit Deadline - Jul 31, 2009

for more information: info@movieandsound.it



Workshop is for 10 students only and placement is based on "first come, first served" basis.


Program - Esthetics and Eloquence of Cinematic Expression

Workshop for Directors and Directors of Photography. Designed to teach - Demonstrate and Practice of Organic Filmmaking where the CHOICES made relate to emotional / intellectual quality of a Scene.



Week 1. Film

Monday - Intro Stage. Camera and Lighting Equipment.

Building the Camera. Camera Test - Lens Focal Length, Depth of Field, Focus/Selective, Field of View

Tuesday - Intro Lighting/Exposure. Dialogue between Director and Director of Photography

Light Direction, Light Quality, Three Point Lighting, Five Point Lighting, Exposure, Zone System

Wednesday - Creative Lighting. Dancing with Light

Mood, Lighting Styles, Value of Ambiance, High Key/Low Key Lighting,

Thursday - Dynamic Lighting for Block/Movement, Lighting Continuity. Motivation for Camera Movement

Friday - Special Effect Lighting - Limbo, Candle Light, Car Interior, Simulation of car Movement on Stage

Saturday - Exterior Light Control - Against the Sun, Edge, "Changing Direction of Sun", Lighting Styles with Natural Light


Week 2. Video

Monday - Film Look Intro. Digital Video Camera Advanced Menu, Camera Calibration, Video Camera ASA Equivalent,

System of Zone Exposure in Video

Tuesday - Basic Sequence, Screen Direction, Camera Movement, Esthetics of Cinematic Expression - Motivation for Choices,

Dialogue - Director/Director of Photography

Wednesday - Application of Film Lighting Technique in Video. Lighting for Video with Mood Creation. Motion Picture Light Meter

Thursday - Production. Execution of Ideas/Projects. Demo Reel

Friday - Production. Execution of Ideas/Projects. Demo Reel

Saturday - Production. Execution of Projects/Ideas. Demo Reel. Wrap Party

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