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Charles Boileau

Century Optics periscope affecting blue channel

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I recently shot an ad with a Century Optics periscope (probably an old one). In keeping the spirit of low/no budget (the ad was for a film fest) we didn't have much time to prep and do tests. Basically, we made sure that the periscope was working and that we could get the angles that we wanted. No time to look our bring the footage to the post house etc...


So yesterday I get a call from my D.I. guy and he's saying that the blue channel is all screwed up on the periscope footage. I did notice on set, once the shot was well lit, that the images we're a little bit flairy. Something I've seen before while interning at Panavision. But most of the time it was due to bad/old coating.


Any take on how this would of happened? Probably for the same reasons due to old, overused optics?




PS: All I have is this tiny QT file for now. Notice how the lens is flaring on the highlights. On the skin and on the frame of the door.


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couple weeks ago I shot with a two R1's, build 30, original sensor. lens was a Angeniuex 17-102 on one camera and an HR on the other.


I had a similar issue in the R an G channels on the camera with the 17-102.....I approached the tech at the rental house...some additional tests were shot and this is the response I received from the rental house.


What I see is called lateral chromatic aberration, which has to do with a lens and digital camera combination. This can happen on the wide and long end of a zoomlens,

and shows up in high contrast images.





Early this afternoon I shot an extended test with the Angenieux 17-102. I can confirm that the lens has a lateral chromatic aberration issue over the whole zoom range on the Red One. The problem behaves different on both ends and midrange of the zoom, and becomes less a problem when you stop the lens down.


the issue also seemed to be more pronounced when shooting at a wide aperture.


I hope this helps...



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