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ISO rating for the canon XL2

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I'm going to be shooting a horror film which consists mainly of nights and the production can only afford an XL2 (because they own it) and are spending the rest of the money on my and some lighting and grip equipment. Anyway I did some tests with the camera and found it extremely difficult to get an exposure lighting by eye. I mean I really have to pump light into the scene for it to read. I set the meter to around 100 ISO and it seemed to be close to what the camera was telling me, basically open up the iris all the way. I can;t find any literature that rates the camera's native ISO and was wondering if any one here might know.



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I've never used that camera, but there is a link about Andy Shipsides' experiment to find out how to rate the ISO for the Sony F3. I hope this helps, I don't know if it's the same thing that you've already been doing, but here it is.


Abel Cine

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I have an XL2. I did a test years ago involving a light meter, grey card, and a fresnel light. I came out with 320 ISO (though it might have been the XL1s, which I also used to have, that I did the test on so forgive me).

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