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Tri-x Reversal Coming Out Negative. What's Wrong?

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I'm trying to process Tri-x super 8 in a Morse G3 tank for the first time. Except for a couple frames at the beginning and end of the roll- it's all coming out as negative. What point in the process could I be messing up that's causing this? Does it sound like insufficient re-exposure?


Thank you in advance for your advice. I haven't posted on this forum before but I've been reading it for a while and I really appreciate the resource.

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The basic stages in reversal processing are as follows:

Ist Developer - produces a negative image

Bleach - removes the negative image

Re-exposure - fogs the residual positive image

2nd Developer - produces the positive image

Fixer removes any residual silver halide.


Obviously I have left out steps such as washes and rinses and clearing bath


If you are left with a negative image it sounds if your bleach has not worked. Insufficient re-exposure would not give a negative image you would probably get a weak (thin) positive image.



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Hi John,

the bleach is cheap, the film isn't. Mix fresh bleach before you re-test.

Assuming you are following the correct sequence as Brian pointed out, if the bleach was inadequate you might expect a very dark negative to entirely black film. This is because the second developer, assuming it was good, should have developed the remining Silver halide, thus producing the 'positive' silver image. This should mean that you have both the originally developed negative silver image and the now second developed positive silver image.

So, was the negative quite dark?


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