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Mike Barlas

Color balancing and Tungsten Arri

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Hey all,




I noticed when I applied 250 half white Lee diffusion filter on the barn doors of my Arri 1k, that it changed the color

of the light even more yellow.


Despite the fact that the camera was balanced for tungsten. It was even worse when

I doubled up, the diffusion.


This effect may or may not have happened when I used a dimmer to lower the light power, it had the same effect.


If this is normal, this will make color balancing a nightmare. The lights were not on for that long, say half hour or so.





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No light is perfect tungsten + every time you put any material in front of the light it will shift colour,however I doubt it is significant enough to notice by eye.

When you use a dimmer tungsten becomes more yellow,that's why scrimming is preferable unless you want a colour cast

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Thanks Mike,


I was hoping the dimmer would help move things along faster... I guess that is not the case.

Btw, One question to you sir, I don't have much experience lighting groups of people.


In this case, I am lighting close ups one/two persons with a key(1k Arri tung) and a fill 4'4 bank kino (tung).


What can I do to when lighting 3 or more people, in a medium to wide shot.


Theortically I was guessing to combine my 3 4'4 bank kinos to make one larger light source, to avoid casting multiple shadows,


Should I just flood the Arri more so it hits more people?

Or forego all together the Arri 1k to light groups?


Instead bounce some light on to a 13x13 ft scrim I have (which is a movie profjector screen) with a 750 open face and

an arri without barn doors?




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Bear in mind that flooding the Arri will diminish the amount of light hitting each subject (and change your contrast ratio), so you'll have to compensate with your exposure.



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