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Tobias Nobelen

Cine magazine kodak

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Hello, I'm new to this forum me and this is my first post.

Anyway, I recently bought this magazine cine kodak and I know a bit about it, such as it takes 16mm film magazines that I must reload myself with film stock.

However it also came with 2 cartridges of koachrome and a Weston master ii light meter.

Any information on this gear would be greatly accepted.


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Some thoughts:


Kodachrome, unfortunately, is discontinued and cannot be processed anymore, as the last lab to do processing on it stopped in Dec. 2010.


As for reloading the magazines in your cine-kodak, be aware that it must be done in complete darkness. Even with a daylight spool, you still cannot contaminate any of the film with light throughout the process.


If I were you, and had a budding interest in 16mm, I would get a Krasnogorsk-3 on ebay (or even a Bolex or Arri S, considering how inexpensive film gear is these days), and start from there. You will have far more time to refine your skills and practice the craft, and less time spent messing around with obsolete camera systems.


That said, welcome and enjoy!

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Ok so the camera arrived yesterday and I'm thoroughly impressed with it, I was trying to find the date or year of manufacture using the CAMEROSITY code but could not find it anywhere, however on the lens are the numbers 42030.

Would this be March 1942?

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