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Chaz Olivier

Car road trip movie on green screen?

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Hey so I am DPing my second feature, and it's a road trip comedy- and we are considering shooting all the car interior shots on greenscreen as it would save the production money.


How should I go about this? I don't have much experience with greenscreen and I would love all the tips and tricks I can get to pull this off so it's Believable.


My thoughts

My plan is to shoot the car against the green screen outside on a large greenscreen, I'm thinking 20'x40' backed off around 40 or so feet to minimize green spill. I'm planning on shooting east so the sun acts as more of a backlight, and at high noon, flipping around and shooting west to continue the back light

I'm seeing if I can get some larger HMI units for add some light to the interior, because based off a pretest I did with a dslr, it's hard to get the car and screen exposed right without loosing one or the other, I'm thinking getting a 2500 or M40 unit, as that is what my budget would allow.


What camera should we use? We have a red scarlet we can use for free- as well as red pro primes and zeiss cp2's

I'm thinking of using the rpp's because they are sharper in this case. But I'm seeing if we can use the dragon because of More resolution and extended range. But budget wise it looks like I can get a better camera or better lenses(s4mini's, maybe ultra primes) - not both.Should I push for a better camera and use rpp's?, or better lenses and scarlet? Which is best for greenscreen ? Or should I just stick with what I have and save money for bigger lights/larger G&E package?


The plan is to do all the greenscreen first, keeping notes on camera height and orientation, and focal length and stop- and replicating these when we get the plates


I would love all thoughts and opinions as these are uncharted waters for me


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