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Si2K 3D matched pair of Si2K mini's including cinedeck recorder, lens mounts, cables and accessories.

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For sale is the full and operational Si2K 3D system. Used on award winning Australian 3D films and other projects. Same camera was used on Slumdog Millionaire, 127 hours and many other great films. If your on this forum then you know how good these cameras are!

My listing is on Ebay, you can also email be on croppycam@bigpond.com
Included are way to many items to list here but the main parts of the kit are:
2x Si2K camera heads. Paired and matched.
2x Cinedeck RAW cine recorders. (One is loaded up and operational while the other will need new software and setting up) Only one Cinedeck is required to record 3D!
2x P+S technic quick change lens mounts
2x C mount lens mounts
B4 lens adaptor
Short GigE cable pairs and Long GigE cable pairs (Camera to Cinedeck)
Short and long power and sync cables
Audio, sync and trigger cables required to shoot 3D all included.
I also have an underwater / surf housing up for sale also. Look at my listing HERE:
I may also sell these cameras split up, listing is HERE:
I have moved onto another camera system so this one is now surplus to requirements. Still have plenty of life left in it and will shoot many more award winning projects yet!
This camera system can be picked up in Neutral Bay NSW, Brookvale NSW or shipped anywhere in the world at buyers expense. The gear will be professionally wrapped, padded and packed.
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