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Looking for onboard batteries for ARRI 416 in Los Angeles

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I'm in a pickle - both my onboard batteries for my ARRI 416 are on the fritz and the camera is mid-production on a feature film. Does anyone in the great LA area have these batteries (OBB-2) to rent so that I can have some time to figure out how to get them re-celled (my 2nd problem - finding someone that recells these batteries). I've called all the usual rental companies with no success.


Any help is appreciated!



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I faced this same dilemma.


This thread contains very useful information. I ordered the replacement cells and had the batteries re-celled. Batteries Plus can do it for you. Ritter probably can, too.


Otherwise, Clairmont, Keslow, and Otto Nemenz all carry these cameras and should carry the batteries. Alternatively, you can use an Anton Bauer battery belt and use Dionics.

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Thank you Kenny -


Ritter is in Florida, which may be my only option... and I called a couple Batteries Plus franchises around LA, but no one seems to be willing to do repairs. Anyone out there now a west coast alternative to this dilemma? The batts are currently out in LA.

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I saw your CML post. I had the same bad luck when I faced that issue. Try calling Clairmont service department and asking if they'll do them, or that of another camera house that rents these cameras. Get the cells yourself and give them everything they'd need.


My dad, whose hobby is working on vintage radios, did mine for me. They're pretty simple.

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Just to follow-up. I ended up sending the batteries to John Ritter in Florida. He had them repacked with fresh cells and returned within the week. Great service, very reasonable price (~$200/battery) compared to the other options that were available. Ritter does a pro job, the batteries came back better than new, with a guarantee.


Other solutions that surfaced -


Oppenheimer Camera (Seattle) - Marty designed and built an adapter/converter for gold mount/v-mount batteries that is elegant and beautiful, and very expensive (~$3,000). This is a very good long-term solution for the camera and I will definitely consider this next time my batteries go down. Marty says it will last 10 mags with a AB Dionic 90, which defiinitely outperforms the Arri batteries. He has one in stock currently (gold mount).


Cinepower (UK) - designs and makes their own Arri 416 battery and chargers. Theirs are NiMH which means they will be heavier, take longer to charge, and will have 'memory' issues if not stored correctly. But they will also last a lot longer than the Li-ion batteries. Also somewhat expensive (~ $2000USD for one battery and a charger). They don't have any in stock currently but can build them.


Do-it-yourself - at your own risk with Sony replacement cells (US18650V3) - will need soldering tools and a bit of electronics know-how.

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