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Zeiss T1.3 Superspeeds - Arri PL Mount - 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm

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Hey All,

Selling my lovely set of Zeiss T1.3 Super Speeds. They made 2 generations of the MK2's. This set is the 1st generation of the MK2 lenses. They have exactly the same glass and iris as the latter ones and I believe the same also as the MK3's.

- 18mm T1.3
- 25mm T1.3
- 35mm T1.3
- 50mm T1.3
- 85mm T1.3

The lenses have just had a complete service and overhaul at TLS. The 18mm was done a few months earlier so I didn't have it done again.

The optics are beautiful. The only flaws I can find are 2 small hairlines on the front of the 25mm, a couple of mm long each. Certainly nothing that would in any way shape or form affect anything of the image.

More pictures are here:


The lenses are available to be tested in London, I'm happy to take them to Arri or another local hire company for testing.

Happy to ship internationally at buyers cost, fully insured. Or buyers are welcome to collect.

Asking £32k gbp

- (I'm VAT registered however so will need to charge VAT if within the UK, or will need an ECC VAT number to waive the VAT if within the EU)


Contact me on dp@adametherington.co.uk

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