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Aaron Razi

Questions about Super 8 & X-Rays

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I recently visited Rome and brought my Super 8 along to get some shots of the gorgeous city and the ruins. Along the way, I encountered many X-Ray machines, at the airport and at museums and such. I was sure that I only let my film through machines that said that film would be fine, but I was curious/paranoid if the machines are truly film-safe or are just "film-safe"? It would be a shame to lug my camera across the world and not have the film turn out. I had cartridges with 100D, 200, and 500T ISO. 

Additionally, in the worst case scenario, how would an X-Ray affect the film? Does it expose it partially? Or does it distort the color/contrast? 


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Howdy, Aaron!

before a multitude of answers will flood in giving you such a variety of single experiences due to the plethora of x-ray/scatter scan devices deployed nowadays ("Yelp, LAX ate my 7219" / "That never happenend with K-40" / "I am a lifetime BA Black Card holder, and never had any fogging on any film due to x-rays" / "insist on manual checks even if the TSA tasers you down" / "the one in the British Museum is a decade old x-ray scanner that wouldnt be allowed in airport today, insist on manual checks" / "I got a 3000 ISO 2008-expired super-sensitive Polaroid pack film through Qatar's new scatter scanners, and had no problems!!"), may I suggest to also search the forum and have a look at the FAQ on this topic below?


Click me for the X-Ray & Scanning FAQ Post



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If anyone was curious, the film came out just fine! 

Here is a link of the finished project 🙂

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