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LOMO Anamorphic SF 35mm T2.9 Lens in ARRI PL mount

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I would like to sell Lomo Anamorphic 35mm T2.9 lens. It is one part lens made from NAS 35mm front and custom made spherical back. This lens works now as BAS lens and no need any support. Spherical block model is newer 11-35-1 block, instead of older 8-35-1 block, so should be better with modern cameras. It has PL mount of course, two follow focus gears and both caps. Lens is in very good condition for it's age, with just few glass issues (signs of cleaning on second anamorphic glass; small scratch on rear anamorphic glass) and few mechanical issues (not noticeable, but it has micro backlash on the end of closer part of focus ring). In generall it is in really nice condition for it's age. Pictures will be added soon, probably at the end of this month. Lens is in service now (final callibration, grease exchange, etc.). Price for this lens is 10K GBP OBO + 4% Paypal costs + shippig costs. Collection in person is also welcome. I can give 7 days guarantee for testing, when lens is recieved. No lowball offers, please.

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