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Yep… it’s the Deakins camera.

I’m gutted to have to do this, but the doctors have ordered a downsize (for my mangled spine) and I have to move back to a smaller/mini-er camera package. So I’m putting my beloved Arri Alexa Studio up for sale.

It’s got all of Arri’s usual teutonic deliciousness, but unlike other Alexas, this one comes with the added benefits of a true global shutter, internal ND, and the real camera operators delight - a proper optical viewfinder. 

For me it was largely the global shutter that drew me to the Studio. The motion cadence is perfect, pans are perfect (no matter the speed), handheld operating doesn’t skew the image in any way as you bump along. Strobing lights and muzzle flashes can’t cause those horrible CMOS striping artefacts that you’ll see on rolling shutter cameras (and the retakes that go with them). It really does step things up a notch in the overall image.

And the optical viewfinder? You realise pretty instantly the difference it makes. It allows you to operate the camera in real-time. Modern EVFs are getting better and better, but they still have milliseconds of delay - and you’ve fought against them every time you’ve tried to follow an actor jumping or standing up quickly, or detailed insert shots with precise movements within the frame - being able to respond in real-time means you can follow specific actions precisely, and it’s a wonderful, wonderful thing as a camera operator. It really does translate into fewer takes being needed.

So the standout features of the camera are:


- HD/2k Prores4444 and DNxHD

- 2.8k Arriraw

- Up to 120fps

- Global Shutter

- Internal ND

- 4:3 Anamorphic Sensor

- Alexa Plus Module (for full integration with the WCU-4 or SXU-1)


The camera is in excellent used condition, and has never skipped a beat for me. It has a moderate 2700 hours on the clock (so thousands of hours of life left in it).

It has everything you need to get shooting, including a full seven 64GB SxS cards (so you won’t be out another couple of thousand dollars just to get enough recording media to shoot for a full day). The included accessories with the camera are:


- Alexa Studio Optical Viewfinder OVF-1

- Viewfinder Extension Medium FE-5

- ARRI Heated Eyecup HE-4 (so you never have to deal with a fogged-up viewfinder)

- Ground Glass 4:3, Spherical

- Ground Glass 16:9, Spherical

- Frameglow Mask 4:3 and 16:9 Spherical

- Ground Glass 4:3, Anamorphic 2x

- Frameglow Mask 4:3, Anamorphic 2x 

- Ground Glass Tool

- Alexa Studio VF Port Cover

- Alexa Studio Electronic Viewfinder Adapter, EVA-1 (for attaching Arri’s EVF-1 if you need to)

- ARRI Bridge Plate BP-8

- Alexa Center Camera Handle, CCH-1

- Alexa Handle Extension Block, HEB-2

- Alexa Leveling Block, LB-1

- V-Lock Battery Adapter, BAB-V

- Alexa Shoulder Pad – SP-3

- AC Power Supply

- 5pin XLR Audio Splitter Cable

- 7x 64GB SxS Pro Cards

- Sony SBAC-US30 USB3 SxS Card Reader

- Rods 19 x 340mm

- Compact and Rugged Custom Flight Case


I’ve loved this camera more than any other (and I’ve known a few). It just works, and delivers beautiful images every time. It’s easy to see why it’s Roger’s pick of the bunch.

If you have any questions about the camera, feel free to get in touch.


$16,500 USD / €15,250 EUR / $23,900 AUD (+GST if sold in Australia)

Located in Melbourne, Australia, but happy to ship worldwide.








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