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Hive Wasp 100-C 3 Light Kit

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Hive Wasp 100C three light kit with 3 C stands and Pelican Air 1615 case. Includes medium, wide and extra wide lens for each light. I have the original boxes.

What I'm selling is similar to this kit except my kit has better stands and case.


Hive Lighting’s First Omni-Colour LED

The Wasp 100-C, uses just 75 watts to produce Light output comparable to a 400-750 watt incandescent. The Wasp 100-C features Hive’s Perfect S.H.O.T. system which allows complete control of output and colour while it’s omni-colour LED technology creates full spectrum light with up to a 98 CRI/97 TLCI. The 100-C can run off a battery or universal wall power, weighs just 2.5 lbs, and is compatible with hundreds of accessories.

Key Features:

1650K - 8000K Colour Temperature 0 - 100% Dimming Control 0 - 100% Saturation 360° Hue control Manual, DMX, Smartphone Control 1.6 kg (3.5 lbs) Weight 127mm (5”) Reflector Face

Strong preference for a local buyer, I'm based in Toronto. Price in Canadian dollars. 

Asking $4900 CAD. 

3 Hive Wasp 100C's.jpg

Pelican Air 1615 w C Stands.jpg

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