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I have 2 codex onboard m recorders (Cdx-3010) and 8 256gb drive packs, but no reader. I was thinking about seeing if anyone had a desktop reader (Cdx-5500) for sale.

I'm also open to offers for the recorders if I can't find a reader of my own.

The Codex M recorder can record uncompressed or wavelet cinema quality HD material plus audio and metadata onto a single, removable data pack. When shooting is done, it offloads material much faster than real-time. Can record 4:4:4 and ARRIRAW.

Was designed with the Alexa in mind and was used in many feature films.

Would love to use them or sell them to somebody that already has a codex reader.106401465_10158532616589169_4751135543140272465_o.jpg.4ba0b9de05f532a50b7af76efcbc99ba.jpg

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