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Wanted: Leicina Special Cinegon 10mm and Leitz Adapter 22230

Guest santo

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Cinegon -- I already have one, but in the interests of collector mania, I'd sure like another. I'm willing to pay $200 US via paypal for one in top condition. I mean excellent condition front element with no fogging internally, no white speckels inside on the black ring behind the front element, and no scratches internally or on the back of the lens. Just a plain excellent lens. Actually I would encourage you to put it on ebay if you have one, and I'll pay going rate provided some wacko Leica collector from China doesn't bid it right out of realistic prices, not knowing it's not going to give him more than a little circle for an image fixed on his M7 designer cover collector camera. :)


Second, maybe more important and harder to find, I'm looking hard for an Arriflex to Leica M adapter ring, Leitz part 22230 for the Leicina Special. I'd love to try out some Zeiss Arri primes on my camera. Also, there is a Novoflex Arri to screw mount 39m adapter I made a mistake of passing on a year ago on ebay.de, so I know those exist. Again, contact me with a PM if interested in selling at a reasonable price or, offer it on ebay at a reasonable starting bid (50?) and let me know it's there.

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