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FS: Lomo Super Speeds - 4 Lens set (28,35,50,75)

Eric Schleicher

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I’m selling my LOMO Super Speed 4 lens set. I have shot 4 features, countless commercials, shorts and music videos on this set over the past 5 years of ownership. The set is extremely dreamy (swirls, bloom) wide open, gorgeously vintage between 2-2.8 and sharpens up at 4-5.6. They all have PL mounts and .8 pitch gears but the aperture is on the front of the lens so the 35/50/75mm aren’t matte box friendly. The set is totally usable on modern sets but like all vintage lenses, they have their quirks and should be handled with care. Looking for USD $22K for the set.

28mm 1.4 - 10-28-1 - 900031 Updated 95mm front from Optitek. No haze or separation. Clean front element, barely noticeable scratch on rear element which doesn’t affect the image. Usual amount of dust for a 30 year old lens.

35mm 1.7 - 12-35-1 - 890030 No haze or separation. Very clean optics. Usual amount of dust for a 30 year old lens.

50mm 1.4 -11-50-1 - 900019 No haze or separation. Cleaning mark on front element, Rear element has hairline scratch. Usual amount of dust for a 30 year old lens.

75mm 1.6 - 14-75-1 - 900032 No haze or separation. There is a small spec in the coating on front element, back clean, Usual amount of dust for a 30 year old lens.

Here is a great lens test for coverage and qualities of each lens

Available to view in Brooklyn, NY. Higher Quality photos can be sent via Email.







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