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Grading Video for Broadcast ?

Forrest Kos

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Hi everyone,


I was looking for some tips on getting a graded video perfect for broadcast. 


We were using Vimeo to upload and check the file, because we don't have a broadcast monitor. Then we realized the vimeo upload was darker than our original video. Grading in Davinci and exporting out of premiere, it seems as though vimeo shifts the gamma to 1.98.


This got me to question what the broadcast gamma would be, and how can we check our video accurately before sending it off.


My questions now are : 


-how do we check exposure without a broadcast monitor

-What gamma will it be on broadcast? We don't want the video going dark as the scene already is a bit dark. 

-Does Davinci tag the exported gamma and premiere doesn't ? (Something I read) 


Any tips or links are greatly appreciated

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