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Arri SR2 kit For Sale

Gillian Garcia

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Selling my super clean Arri SRII Super 16 kit

Purchased from Visual Products in 2015 and lovingly maintained by me since

All CLA performed by Andree Martin @ AM Camera

What’s included - 

Arri SRII Super 16mm PL Mount

3 x 400’ Magazines

2 x Onboard Batteries

1 Battery Charger

1 Rt. Handgrip

1 Color video tap (Currently not attached as I wanted to make the camera lighter)

1 Tobin Crystal Speed Control

1 12-120mm Zeiss T2.4 Zoom 

Matte Box (4x4, 4x5) and light weight rods


Cases for all


link to photos https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/184zcb717ygmr8rimrud6/ARRI-SR-2.pdf?rlkey=6swjqzdl5vbq74hgfh92h2z3q&dl=0

Asking 17k USD OBO


Email me for photos or more info - the camera is in Los Angeles


ARRI SR 2 (dragged).pdf

Edited by Gillian Garcia
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