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Help me choose my next overpowered single

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Considering my preference for a 28mm-35MM look, 60-70 degree FOV for storytelling and my current ownership of a variety of 24-28MM still lenses (28/f2 Nikon AIS, 24/1.4 Sony GM, Rokinon 24/1.8) Atlas Anamorphic 40mm Orion and a pre-ordered 42mm Mercury, would you recommend I invest in a 25mm Master Prime lens to provide an alternative to the Atlases? Are there better alternatives considering a budget of about 15K for a single? Goal: to have the ultimate 1-2 stylistic single punch between the Orion and my new lens. 

More Background:
I've been involved in directing, moving from larger commercial productions to a more minimalist approach over the past 10 years. Currently, I direct 1-2 documentaries annually with a budget, operating with a compact crew and a single-lens kit. My Atlas Anamorphic 40mm Orion and a pre-ordered 42mm Mercury serve me well, but I am exploring the idea of adding a 25mm Master Prime lens to my toolkit. My real use case is documenting my family and my life. It's my legacy- and I want to be inspired as I do it. I have no problems carrying around a 5lb lens and hand focusing. I love it. 

My style leans heavily towards a 28mm field of view for storytelling, though I do appreciate/prefer 35mm look for portraiture (thus one reason for my love of anamorphic). But, if it comes down to choosing, my preference always leans towards field of view. This preference arises from the fact that I only carry one lens at a time, a method that enables my passion and streamlines my process. 35MM is not great for z-axis handheld movement.

Given this context, I am considering the 25mm Master Prime lens as a potential complement to my existing kit. I'm interested in hearing your insights and experiences with this lens. Specifically here are some questions: 

1. From my research Chivo prefers the 18-25 for portraiture medium/closeups in many of his seminal films while Deakins prefers the 32/40 (but he emphasizes "it depends" constantly) - personally, as a stylistic goal "I just want to create documentaries that look / feel like tree of life" - do you think this is the best lens on this goal given my own personal preferences noted above (35mm for close-ups/medium close-ups)- is it wide enough for z-axis movement on super 35? I have more FF experience on 24-28.
2. Is the focus throw heavy (bonus, compared to Atlas Orion) as I find the Orion a joy to pull but worried the MP will be heavier 
3. Can you mount screw in filters to the 114 from or is it clip on / Matte box only? 
4. Considering the price and the quality of the 25mm Master Prime lens, but also age- are there much better alternatives at a 15K price point? My personal instincts would be to look for other 32-40mm anamorphic options as many dislike the Orion look and I have limited experience 
5. Do you have a personal "if I owned one focal length this is what it would be" for S35 preference/alternative? 

Thank you for your guidance and expertise!

Benjamin Reece
bnjmn.org & deltree.com 

(p.s. I don't rent lenses to feel them out as it takes me a long time to soak in a lens- we become married and partners in style and vision over time- I'd rather buy and resell down the line if I have to) 

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