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FOR SALE Kowa Prominar Anamorphic 16H & 8Z Projection Lenses Purple Flare

Owen A. Davies

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FOR SALE: ~ Kowa Prominar Anamorphic with Amber 16H and Purple 8Z Projection Lenses ~ PRICE: $1,799 ~ PAYMENT METHOD: Paypal, Venmo, or Cashapp ~ STRETCH: 2x ~ FOCUS: Double Focus ~ CONDITION: Very subtle marks on one of the Kowa 8Z lenses. Has zero bearing on image quality. Lenses are all in all in fantastic condition. ~ LOCATION: Winchester, MA 01890. USA ~ SHIPPING: Will ship internationally, though all shipping costs, insurance, and customs payments are all responsibilities of the buyer ~ CLAMPS: Comes with Redstan clamp ~ All sales are final This is an accumulation of glass and accessories which a friend of mine used to shoot anamorphic over the years which I’m now gonna be selling off. Included are two Kowa Prominar 2x anamorphic projection lenses (one 16H with amber flares and one 8Z lens with the much rarer purple flares), both in fantastic cosmetic and practical condition with no scratches, fungus, or separation. In terms of visual quality from anamorphic projection lenses, this is the best you can get. All sharp as can be. Dually included is one set of Redstan clamps for mounting diopters or etc to the projector. Images are provided via the imigur link below. 


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