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Looking for Advice on Repairing a Bell & Howell 70DL

Chase McConnell

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I’ve recently been gifted a Bell & Howell 70DL, my first 16mm camera.  It came for free from a private collection someone was getting rid of and I couldn’t let it be discarded. As far as I know this person bought the camera for looks and not to use, I plan to change that.

The issue with the camera is that when I go to wined the camera, there is no resistance or tension on the turn key, and no ratcheting sound of the drive spring being put under load.

In my opinion I believe the Drive spring to be broken or to have disconnected from the turn key. 

I have recently been trying my hand at repairing vintage lenses and 8mm cameras from my own personal collection as a hobby with a great deal of success (surprising myself in the process). I’m looking for any advice to aid me with this repair. Every little tip helps.

I know the risks of attempting to replace a Drive spring which is why I was hoping to reach out to someone with more experience and guidance. 

All the best


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