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2 Block Batteries SLi-D600

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For sale 2 used Block Batteries:


The SLi-D600 is 608wh and is the lightest, fastest charging block on the market, and can be disassembled for air travel. The SLi-D600 has a UPS mode so the battery can charge and be used at the same time. These batteries can also be linked together for increased capacity. The SLi Series Blocks are the most versatile Block Battery designed for cinematic production applications. Utilizing innovative design concepts, the SLi Series provides an advanced feature set including QuickCell modularity and AutoBalance technology, at the same time. The SLi-D6000 comes standard with multiple simultaneous voltage outputs, a nominal 16vdc output and a regulated 28vdc output.


Includes polarity jump cables for panavision, 2 chargers and a Pelican case.

asking $2300.00







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