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35BL4 Battery and other questions

Jeffrey Mahon

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Hi again, another few questions regarding the 35BL4. 

I bought a Bescor 12v 7ah and it runs my BL4 beautifully and I got a steady, non-stop 3 hours run time before it shut off. Because I spent 40 years behind professional video cameras, I realized there is no way to monitor battery life on the BL4. Is this normal in the film industry? Quite honestly, I'd be a wreck on location not knowing when my battery was going to cut off. 

I've built battery packs before and was wondering if installing an in-line battery meter is something other Cinematographers do? Did the original Arriflex batteries have some sort of metering device/option?

Again, I appreciate any and all advice and insight. 


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Just completed a battery build with an inline %, amp hour/draw and volt meter. I used two lithium 12v 10ah batteries in parallel and fit everything into a battery box. Last thing to do is install the 4-pin XLR and battery meter into the battery box.

Works great and my BL4 purred like a kitten. 





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