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Beware of this person Aline Sinquin if you buy anything from them.


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A month ago, something sad happened to Filmlight Facebook Group. A well-known colorist who had previously worked in well-known companies such as MILL or MPC, with almost 20 years of experience as a colorist named Aline Sinquine, who decided to have an active company called Five One Color in New York. She promises that she would sell me her Baselight One system. Then I talked to her on Skype with the camera and verified that she was the person in question by looking at the system from Skype if it was working properly. After a week I made the payment to buy it, and I was waiting for she to send the system. She never sent me the system and then deleted me from all contacts, Facebook, LinkedIn and G-MAIL by disappearing. I never thought that such a well-known person, even more so a lady, would do something like this, what is sad is the fact that all the addresses of the locations she has on the web or on Facebook are not correct because They sent my close people in the USA to the location, and they found it. Please if anyone has any info to help me. I hope that this case will be an example for those who do such thing in these communities

This is her company:

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