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Spider Grips- Kondor Blue Hand Held Rosette Bundle

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Hand Held Spider Grip Rig


Add adjustable hand grips to your rig using this Rosette Arms, Grips, and Clamp Bundle. The bundle includes a right and left pair of hand grips, right and left pair of adjustable extension arms, and a standard 15mm rod block.


The aluminum hand grips are lined with textured rubber for a comfortable grip, and they connect using quick release rosettes. The extension arms allow you to connect the handles and they can adjust to your preferred position and length. The extension arms then connect to the 15mm rod block which can be mounted on a pair of separately available 15mm rods to complete your shoulder rig.


- Rosette Extension Arm (Right and Left) -


Kondor Blue Adjustable Length Rosette Extension Arm. Usually paired with our Rosette Hand Grips and Dual 15mm Rod Clamp.


The Adjustable Rosette Extension Arm is an extension arm to add handgrips or other accessories to the side of your rig using ARRI-compatible rosettes. The length of the arm can be adjusted from 8 to 11.5" in length using the center screw, which is tightened by a blue captive locking lever. There are also two cable clips on the side of the arm that will keep your cables neat and secure.This extension arm can be used with almost any accessory that uses ARRI-compatible rosettes.


- Quick Release Rosette Hand Grip (Right and Left) -


Kondor Blue Quick Release Rosette Hand Grip made of rubber for comfortable grip and temperature control. Features a Thumb lever for Quick Rosette Adjustments on the go! Sold Individually.


The aluminum Quick Release Rosette Handgrip is designed to connect to the side of your rig, and it features a non-slip textured rubber handle, an ARRI-type rosette, and an M6-threaded locking lever. This rosette handle can be attached to any ARRI-compatible rosette system with an M6 threaded mounting hole. A thumb lever allows you to make quick position adjustments without having to unscrew the handgrip.


Compatible with ARRI rosettes with M6 thread. The rubber handle features high-relief texture for a non-slip grip. Thumb lever for quick position adjustments.


- 15mm Dual Rod Clamp with ARRI-Style Rosettes -


KONDOR BLUE 15mm Dual Rod Clamp Arri Rosette (M6, 31.8mm) Camera Shoulder Support Extension Arm Rosette Handles Connector.


Offering ARRI-style rosettes on both sides, this Dual 15mm Rod Clamp with ARRI-Style Rosettes allows you to attach and adjust rosette-mount hand grips on your shoulder rig. The dual 15mm rod clamp mounts onto two separately available standard 15mm rods.


Rosette Extension Arm (Right and Left) Features

For Side, ARRI-Style Rosettes

8 to 11.5" Adjustable Length

Captive Locking Lever, Cable Clips

Aluminum Construction

Quick Release Rosette Hand Grip (Right and Left) Features

Side Handgrip

ARRI-Type Rosette and Locking Lever

Textured Black Rubber Grip

Thumb Lever for Quick Adjustments


Material Aluminum

Side Right and Left

Adjustment Range 8 - 11.5" (20.32 - 29.21cm)

Connectors 2x ARRI-Style Rosettes

Dimensions 8 x 1 x 0.4" (20.32 x 1 x 2.54cm)

Weight 6 oz (170g)

Rosette Extension Arm

Material Aluminum, Rubber

Side Right and Left

Mounting ARRI-Type Rosette with M6 Thread

Dimensions 8 x 5 x 1.5" (20.32 x 12.7 x 3.81cm)

Weight 7.1 oz (201.3g)

Quick Release Rosette Handgrip

Material Aluminum

Mounting 15mm Dual Rod Block

2x Rosettes with M6 Thread

Dimensions 4.5 x 1.25 x1.25" (11.4 x 3.17 x 3.17cm)

Weight 4 oz (113.4g)

asking $275







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