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Academy interview with Hoyte van Hoytema

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When we filmed him riding into town on a horse with his hat on in the rain, the first thing Chris and I said to each other was, "Have you ever seen McCabe & Mrs. Miller? It feels a little like that, doesn't it?"


With Oppenheimer, the assignment was capturing human faces, but when we look at a human face, it doesn't end at the surface of the face itself. It's also about what we project onto that face. As an audience, when you look into someone's eye, you're wondering, "What is he thinking, or what is she thinking? What's going on in their brain?" You see an expression, but beyond that expression, there can be a plethora of emotions and thoughts, and that was something that we were very interested in.






"Ludwig Göransson Dives Deep Into the Making of His 'Oppenheimer' Score "


For the whole courtroom-driven third act, Chris asked me to write 30 minutes of action music. That immediately felt like an interesting approach . . .




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