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Looking for a BNCR-to-Arri adapter + Arri 2C Power Cable (Banana pins)

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I've recently found myself in need of a Mitchell BNCR-to-Arri Std. adapter. I would prefer the antiquated variety that works with the older rotating lens assembly, but the type which accepts the more "modern" stationary barrel lenses will suffice. These are generally known as the pain-in-the-arse adapters that seat your lens so deep that adjusting focus is near impossible. Just the same, I'd love to get my mitts on one!
I'm also looking to purchase a vintage Arri 2C power cable that's 4-pin XLR updated on one end but will still accept the original twin banana-pins on the other end (either large + small inputs or both large). By chance I seem to have ended up with a pair of 2Cs, along with 3 old-school motors of varying pin configurations, but, frustratingly enough, I've yet to be able to power either of them up. 
If any kind members happen to have or could possibly point me in the direction of either item, I'd be especially grateful.
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