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Dedolight cable - Help needed

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Hello all,
I was about to replace a d-tap connector with an XLR one, i teared it down to see which wire was "positive" and which was "negative" before soldering, but to my surprise, there is one wire only, and the other pin is connected to "shield"..
Is that normal?

This a dedolight cable supposed to go from a battery (d-tap side) to a dedolight dimmer for a DLH4.
I've already done that, but last time, there was twi wires (dc connectore instead of d-tap).

Also, the connector flipped from my hand so i don't know which wire is used for positive and which one is for negative..
I guess white wire is for "positive" and shield for "negative" but i'm not quite sure..

Any help would be greatly welcome,



Dedolight d-tap 1 - copie.jpg

Dedolight d-tap 2 - copie.jpg

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Do you have another cable or other device that can power the light? If so, measure its output with a multimeter.

It's very common for the centre pin of those DC connectors to be positive, and I would expect the shield (also called the screen in English) to be used as the negative connector. However neither of those is guaranteed and you should not make assumptions.

If you don't have another power cable with which to compare, maybe just ask Dedolight for the information.

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