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  1. That's a Mole junior rolling stand, or something very like it. I own two very old ones. I'm not sure if they're still in manufacture. More a TV studio thing, I think, but you should be able to find some.
  2. The reflective surface on a CRLS panel is aluminium, which has a very flat reflectance. I doubt you'd ever see an issue unless it was horribly contaminated with something.
  3. What is this"grip truck" of which you speak... But seriously, I wandered into Filmtools here in LA this week where they had one on display, and the number appears to be twelve inches.
  4. I'm after something on that order, something that can replace a rideable dolly in at least some circumstances. I guess it doesn't make that much difference, really. Ten or twelve inches was my inclination. Saw a rather nice one at NAB with the motor drive system.
  5. Thanks - though I don't know what the standard is...
  6. Hello! Is there anything like a standard for the spacing on miniature slider dolly track? I'm thinking things like this: I'm sort of work-in-progress here. I have parts that would permit 9", a hair less than 230mm, which... looks reasonable, I guess? The tube will be 35mm on the basis that's what the clamps handle. P
  7. I don't really know enough about this to comment, but I would like to ask questions about the working relationship between the armourer and the senior crew, particularly the first assistant director. I have other questions about her qualifications and how they interact with family relationships as a common and expected route to advancement in the film industry. I suspect people other than this armourer have questions to answer but I would be interested to know how such an accident could take place without her having made large mistakes.
  8. Do you have another cable or other device that can power the light? If so, measure its output with a multimeter. It's very common for the centre pin of those DC connectors to be positive, and I would expect the shield (also called the screen in English) to be used as the negative connector. However neither of those is guaranteed and you should not make assumptions. If you don't have another power cable with which to compare, maybe just ask Dedolight for the information.
  9. Hate to say it but to me that just looks like they walked into any school sports hall on a dull, overcast day and shot it under available light. Possibly it's something to do with the fact that my earliest memories are of environments like that.
  10. I hate to say it but absolutely nothing in that transcript surprises me one iota.
  11. Red's been using it since day one. (Redcode is, or at least certainly was, just JPEG-2000).
  12. I mean... for all its faults, it's well lit.
  13. Yes, and the optical quality is pretty variable as a result. Someone will always say that this kind of thing is a look which works, and here I'd agree, especially as that wide angle is leveraged so successfully to get so much out of the locations. Still, it's... A look.
  14. I was looking at this just recently and I'm sure I found a reference somewhere to the use of some very wide angle lens which then had a wide angle converter added, for an effective focal length in the single digits.
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