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For Sale: Arriflex 16mm Blimp

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This blimp is in really nice condition for it's age. I think it'd be a classy display piece - especially if you pick up a wooden tripod for it. 

This is for a LOCAL SALE ONLY in Los Angeles. I won't/can't ship this heavy blimp, unfortunately. I do not have a case for this blimp, so someone will need to pick up and pay cash (or Zelle) in person. I usually live in NYC but plan to visit LA at the end of April. If timing doesn't work for a sale while I'm visiting LA, a family member can assist with the transaction.

I never actually used this blimp, but in the early 2010s I did have an electrician friend who worked at Clairmont Camera change out the cracked old plastic power cable connector on it. It used to have a very old (and unrecognizable to me) power connector, and my friend changed it to a 12V 4-pin Cannon (XLR). So that's the connector that can now power the blimp (to power camera inside and light inside the blimp). I can make no guarantees about the functionality of this blimp and how much it could quiet down a 16S since it's been a while since I did a test run of a camera in it. From my memory, I think one plate was for the an Arri 16S camera, and the other type of plate was for the Arri 16M camera, but I don't remember if I actually ever tested both my 16S and 16M cameras in this blimp when I owned them, so I really can't make any promises there either. 

If I had the space for this at my NYC apartment (I really don't, unfortunately), I'd keep this and put it on display. 

As you can see in the pictures, there are some small spots of light rust. You can also see the fabric accordion style matte box bellows have gotten a little rough over the years. This was stored in a climate controlled house (not a garage), but there are a few signs of it's age.

Pictures: https://www.flickr.com/gp/95212445@N02/9Kfx5563yb

3 short video clips:





$600 O.B.O. 









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I'm lowering the asking price on this from $600 to $400. Please let me know if interested - it would be easier this week (before Friday) since I'm visiting LA and could assist with getting it into your car.

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