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  1. Hi Alex, Thanks for your message. Yes, it's still available. Want to PM me and we can work out payment/shipping details? Thanks, Rich
  2. Hi Sinisa, I'll give Blaise 48 hours to get back to me but if I don't hear back by then, it's yours. Yes, I tested it on a Red Epic and it worked fine. I'll send you a PM in a couple of days if no reply from Blaise. Thanks! Rich
  3. https://www.geofilmgroup.com/products/cameras/
  4. In the auction there were Moviecam Compacts (none Mk2, Clairmont didn't own any Compact Mk2s). A few sold under $1K each, and the mags were incredibly low as well. I'd hardly call the Compact a boat anchor, Tyler. It's the precursor to the Arricam Studio and very quiet. I'd rather shoot with a Compact over an Aaton 35 (not very quiet for a sync sound camera) or Arri-3 (not great ergonomics) any day.
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