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  1. Hey Rob, you might have missed it in the FAQ for sellers in this the Cine Marketplace, but it says: Do not re-post the same item in a new post. Do not bump your existing post to the top of the list.
  2. I don't think I've ever heard of that. Are you sure it exists? Why would you ever want to mask (and cut the sides of your image off) at the gate/negative?
  3. Philippe, I don't know this seller, but you are both right and wrong: This *is* a Moviecam Compact. You're correct in that it's not a MK2. You're incorrect that it's a Super America. Clairmont never upgraded any of their Compacts to Mk2 - they did, however, have a couple of P+S Technik "Evolution" Anamorphic switchable optics systems, if I recall correctly (similarly bright to the Arricam Universal Optics). And they did install Arricam 3-perf movements in quite a few of the Compacts. But you're right, to be called a Mk2, it had to be sent to Moviecam in Austria. The only Moviecams that Clairmont sent to Austria for conversion to Mk2, were two of their SLs.
  4. Sorry, another member kindly let me know the photo album link isn't working. I think this link should work: https://www.flickr.com/photos/95212445@N02/albums/72157665431054637
  5. Here's an updated technical resource link (the old one stopped working) https://www.arri.com/resource/blob/75794/6036604fee7c53947fad0b2cbfb2629b/8-6-0-matte-box-mb-19-4x5-65-data.pdf (PDF, 361 KB)
  6. Hi Folks, I'm lowering the price to $1,500. Thanks, Rich
  7. 32mm Cooke Speed Panchro (T2.3) For Sale. Arri Standard Mount. Serial Number starts with a 5. I also have a 75mm CSP that I'm selling, listed here separately. I'm asking USD $2,200 for this lens. Preference will be given if there's a buyer who wants to buy both lenses together. I popped it on my Panasonic S1H and unsurprisingly, it doesn't cover Full Frame (see portholing picture in the photo album). This is a Super 35 lens, although there's a bit of darkening at the edges noticeable on these S35 4:3 aspect ratio shots, but it's *barely* noticeable in 16:9, especially if you're not shooting white walls, and certainly not noticeable in anything wider like 2:1 or 2.35:1. Typical of Cooke Speed Panchros of this vintage, it has some light coating scratches in the front and rear elements, (including one deeper scratch near the edge of the front element, see pictures) but nothing that would affect the image. Duclos told me there's some haze and contamination (see picture) in the optics, and some oil on the iris blades as well. It could use a service, or rehousing somewhere like P+S or TLS. I've included a few shots (of the camera operator figurine from a low angle), shot at T2.3 (Wide Open), T2.8, T4, and T5.6. If you're close enough in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Queens, I can deliver by Uber. Or I can ship. Uploaded file size limits here are pretty small, so I'm going to see if linking to a photo album works: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmPk26hi
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