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  1. I worked in the rental dept at Clairmont from 2006 to 2013 and there weren't any hand crank Arri 3s at that time - only somewhere between two and four 2C hand cranks. You could check with Andree Martin about that port, he'd know what it's for. I think there should be a cap for that port.
  2. Yes, it is Joe. Please send me a PM if you have any questions or if you'd like to buy it.
  3. Hi Alex, Thanks for your message. Yes, it's still available. Want to PM me and we can work out payment/shipping details? Thanks, Rich
  4. Hi Sinisa, I'll give Blaise 48 hours to get back to me but if I don't hear back by then, it's yours. Yes, I tested it on a Red Epic and it worked fine. I'll send you a PM in a couple of days if no reply from Blaise. Thanks! Rich
  5. https://www.geofilmgroup.com/products/cameras/
  6. In the auction there were Moviecam Compacts (none Mk2, Clairmont didn't own any Compact Mk2s). A few sold under $1K each, and the mags were incredibly low as well. I'd hardly call the Compact a boat anchor, Tyler. It's the precursor to the Arricam Studio and very quiet. I'd rather shoot with a Compact over an Aaton 35 (not very quiet for a sync sound camera) or Arri-3 (not great ergonomics) any day.
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