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Canon XF605 Log3 cinema gamut vs Z Cam ProRes RAW

Nicholas Mirro

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Hi all and my compliments to the developers.  Gorgeous site!  I'm so happy to have found it.

We shoot short wildlife docs in Dallas for our dallasnaturechannel site.  Edit in Resolve.

The XF605 has been ideal for macro video.  The AF is incredible, even through Canon diopters 500D, with and without a teleconverter no less.  Browser Remote through a cell allows hands off zoom too!

The imagery is gorgeous as long as the dynamic range is reasonable.  So... I just sold a camcorder and EOS R, and then replaced them with a Z Cam E2-M4 and a Sigma 60-600.  Then shot RAW to a Ninja+.

My god!  The dynamic range of RAW is drastically better than the 605's.  We can shoot egrets in full sun without losing feather detail! 😮

I'm wondering if I am not getting the most out of the 605, or is RAW just that much better?  Am I possibly getting the 605 editing workflow wrong?  I use Canon's LUT or sometimes just grade to maximum beauty.  I shoot Log3 - cinema gamut.

If RAW is that much better, would it make sense to sell our beloved 605 for a used C300 Mk II?  The C300 and a zoom equivalent work out to a similar cost.  The C300 has similar autofocus, browser remote, etc.

Any thoughts?

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