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Which Bolex?

Guest steven moreno

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If you think that you'll need something more than 100' loads, the only Bolex models that include a 400' magazine are the Bolex Rex-5, SBM, EBM, EL, and later M series. All of these models have the 1:1 drive shaft. The Rex-5, SBM, EBM, and EL can be converted the Super 16mm. Don't fool yourself in choosing a Bolex. It's a MOS camera. If you are going to invest in an EBM or EL model, you may want to consider another brand for a quieter camera. And, if you're not too worried about sync, the Rex-5 and SBM models can operate with a wind-up spring, (you don't need batteries).


My choices of a Bolex Rex-5 and M models are for MOS shooting. If I need a sound camera, I'll rent a good one. However, choosing to buy a Bolex, (see the thread in the 35mm forum on buying vs. renting), can make good sense if you are on a very small budget and doing work that doesn't require an expensive camera, (for example, time-lapse filming). I picked up a stripped-down M model for less than US$30 at eBay. Guess what camera I wouldn't be sweating over if I need a crash-cam?

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