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Light meters


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I know you guys probably get asked this a million times, but I tried the search function without much success.


So what I am wondering is will a "universal" type light meter (e.g. Weston II) work for cinema cameras (I'm using a K3). Or is there any way of telling if it is a cinema type, stills type, or flash type. I've heard that an incident light meter is what I want (apparently these are the ones with a white bubble), but there are no cinema equipment retailers anywhere near me so I can't really go and check out a bunch of them.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You're in good company, I remember seeing pictures of Nestor Almendros with some kind of old weston meter-


Any meter will work, your shutter speed at 24fps is about 1/48th, and i think the westons had a 1/50th mark, so you could read from that for normal speed stuff.


You might want to check the meter's accuracy against a still camera or another meter though, those westons are a bit old!

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