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Mitchell cameras for modern filmmaking.

James Steven Beverly

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Hey Nathan,


I'll have to go measure my Pano-damn. I recall it being wider than 35" but I could be remebering wrong given that mine looks precisely like yours. I was considering building a roller tilt-rack for it. You know, lever it onto the rack on its side and roll it through doorways. Damned if it ain't heavy! My Worrel has a clunk in the gear movement. I haven't pulled it apart to find out why. Mine's a 2 speed like yours. It weird, we have some of the same gear... Mitchells and all.

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Here are a few photos from the feature I shot in June.




You cn see that I used the fearless and my worrall. If you look, we only had one seat mounted on the fearless, which the camera op used most of the time, but we also ran all the sound rig to the fearless and had a headphone distrobution amp mounted right up by the camera on the worrall. This way the boom op, sound recorder and director could all hear what was being recorded. And finally you can see that there is a high deff video monitor mounted where the boom seat normally goes. There were even some small kinoflos mounted up by the camera for eyelights. They, the camera and the audio equipment were powered by some large 12V storage batteries that fearless had more than enough room for, so there were no cables to slow set-up changes. The camera could be repositioned almost as easily as if it were hand held.


I think the fearless is a great dolly.

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