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Marc Levy

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I just shot some stuff on 79 (push +1), using the Arri - SR with a Zeiss T2 zoom and Zeiss SuperSpeed primes. Although I'm pleased with most of the footage, some stuff (even static shots) is soft. My AC measured before each take, I checked my diopter and did a focus test with each lens during prep. I'm dumbfounded. It was rather difficult to tell if each shot was sharp (even with a choir boy), as the lighting was low-key and we were shooting at T2. How can I assure proper sharpness?

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As an operator I often do an eye focus in addition to trusting the first ac to do a tape focus. 1/2 the time we agree resulting in a self assured smile from the ac. 1/3 of the time I am wrong leading to a smirk from the ac. But, every once in a while I'll catch the ac saving both our jobs. Actors will often move after being taped. So double checking is a good idea.

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