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Miranda DVC-802 IDX Downconverter problems!

Chriss Kostabill

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Hello again to all forum members!

Recently we bought a Miranda DVC-802 downconverter for our Sony HDW F900H and I've notice some strange behavior regarding its operation.

I've been in contact with Miranda tech support in Canada, Montreal but they were unable to help and even tell me if the behavior of the unit I have is normal or not! They even forward my problems to the Research and Development department.

So I want to ask anyone who has experiense with the use of this product to tell me if this is a normal behaviour or not.

The things I've noticed are the following:


1)In any frame rate we try to downconvert (24psf, 25psf, 50i) the dvc-802 output Timecode (LTC, burned in TC or even the DV embedded on picture TC)is always different from the timecode that is recorded to the camera tape by one frame.

This is the worst thing because we want to make copys of the footage on the fly, for offline editing, but the timecode of the HDCAM tapes and DV tapes is'nt the same causing problems to the editing.


2)When the connected camera (Sony HDW-F900H) is not running,the TC on all outputs is not stopped. The last frame and field number of the timecode is constantly moving up and down by one frame (eg 12... 13.... 12... 13...12 in the frames number and 1...2...1...2...1...2 in the fields number).


3)When we connect a DV desk recorder (Sony DSR-11)

to the firewire output the start-stop dv commands does not always work.


4)The burned-in timecode (OSD TC) some times is been displayed as zeros and some times is been misplaced in the image (eg in the center of the picture).


5)The burned-in timecode (OSD TC) goes on or off whithout changing any setting in the unit menus (this does not occure on the HD-SDI OSD, but only on the composite or DV).


Please notice that the unit I own has the latest Firmware on it.


Thanks in advance for any answers on my problem and sorry for my poor English!

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Thanks for replying.


The start stop commands of Miranda work fine at 95% of the time. Only a few times it does'nt sends a command to a dv deck recorder.

Your units commands does'nt work at all no matter what device you connect to dvc-802?

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