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Cheap 16mm stock

Landon D. Parks

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I was just wondering, Does any one know an estimate of what the cheapest would be that I could get fresh Kodak, low speed 16mm stock?


I was thinking it should be possible at $0.12/foot... But I'm not sure.


If anyone has any idea, that would be great!


And also, what stock will give me the best all around shooting with as little grain as possible?

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Whatever you do, DO NOT BUY RAW STOCK ON EBAY.


You can be lucky, but in most cases film on auction is more expensive than recans/short ends from a company that makes tests which will give you a certain safety.

I have seen an ambitious short film project go down the drain because the director thought buying 35mm color neg on eBay was a great idea. Of course he blamed the lab for grainy, flat images with a greenish tinge, but he got silent when they informed him that this stock was at least 10 years old. And don't believe the claims that stock has been "refrigerated" or "kept cool most of the time" !


All your creative work ends up on that piece of plastic, so don't gamble on film stock!

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